» » See Through Buildings - The Bones Form Bridges To A Different Time And Place

See Through Buildings - The Bones Form Bridges To A Different Time And Place album FLAC

  • Performer: See Through Buildings
  • Title: The Bones Form Bridges To A Different Time And Place
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Released: 2015
  • Style: Noise
  • MP3 album: 1440 mb
  • FLAC album: 1248 mb
  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • Votes: 432
See Through Buildings - The Bones Form Bridges To A Different Time And Place album FLAC

Bridges are often built over huge landmasses or water bodies. Their design depends on their function  . Structured similar to a suspension bridge, the difference lies in the way it supports load. In this bridge type, cables are attached to the towers, which bear the load. Two variants of cable-stayed bridges are harp and fan. In the harp design, cables are attached to multiple points of the tower in a parallel manner. In the fan variant, all the cables connect to the tower or pass over it. Cable-stayed bridges are much stiffer than suspension bridges.

For other uses, see Bridge (disambiguation) and Bridges (disambiguation). structure built to span physical obstacles. Wiesen Viaduct in Switzerland. There are many different designs that each serve a particular purpose and apply to different situations. Temporary bridges, such as Bailey bridges, are designed to be assembled, and taken apart, transported to a different site, and re-used. They are important in military engineering, and are also used to carry traffic while an old bridge is being rebuilt.

This happens through sheer force: bodies hit the water at about seventy-five miles an hour and with a force of fifteen thousand pounds per square inch, according to the New Yorker. Rib damage is overwhelmingly common: by comparison, only one-third of cases feature fractured arms or legs and only 15 percent of cases feature fractured vertebrae. The Best Sodas of All Time. Chances Are, Your Organs Will Tear Loose. Physics tells us that a body hitting the water at 75 miles per hour will come to a sto. r at least the outer body will

Commercial bridges – These are bridges that host commercial buildings such as restaurants and shops. Most commonly used in medieval bridges created in urban environments where they took advantage of the constant flow of pedestrian traffic, today these kinds of bridges are rarely constructed with a notable amount of them being found in modern India. Slovakia’s city of Bratislava is a home of a car passageway bridge with a large tower that hosts a restaurant on top of it. Medieval bridges are much more commonly known for their commercial applications.

Bridges through history. People find bridges bewitching and bewildering at the same time. Why are there so many different types? How do engineers choose one kind over another? Why have people tended to build different kinds of bridges in different periods of history? There's are easy answers to all these questions-and complex ones too. One simple answer is that, over thousands of years of human civilization, engineers have gradually developed more sophisticated bridge designs that can span ever greater distances

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01 Looked At Too Many Mars Photos 29:31
02 The Flicker Of The TV Invokes Emptiness 29:36


Released on OCT. 31st 2015, limited to 20 black tapes in white cases.

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